Freediving Gili Trawangan

Freediving Gili Trawangan Welcome to Gili Freediving Heroes by Zero to Hero Dive, your premier destination for Freediving Coaching, courses & fun dives. Where the ocean becomes your classroom. Gili Trawangan, with its crystal clear waters and diverse marine life, provide the perfect backdrop for freedivers. The Gili island is a true paradise for […]

Diver Stress and Rescue & React Right Course

What should you do in Emergency situation? How do you deal with a panicked/stressed diver? How do you do rescue yourself or your buddy when something goes wrong? This course will expand your knowledge and experience level and also teach you how to act confidently and effectively in variety of emergency situation (diving and non-diving) […]

Fun Diving
Fun diving

FUN DIVING The Gili Islands are a diving paradise located 30 minutes off the NW coast of Lombok and 1.5/2h off Padangbai, Bali. There are more than 27 dive sites around the Gili islands. That means a lot to explore for us, fellow divers! Nevertheless, onces on the island all the dive sites are very close. […]